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OurTime Review: Everything you need to know before signing up

Below, Tim has compiled an in depth look at, including how much it costs to join, the different features, a summary and we have also included reviews from other users.

BY Tim, Last Updated: February, 2018
Reviewer: 56 year old Male who lives in the south of England.
To read more reviews from other members, please see our additional Real User Reviews below

Insert Image is a leading senior dating site in the UK. The site caters for users over 50 and has been owed by since 2009.

The site is a fairly new player in the UK market and so far they claim to have over 120,000 users, all of who are over 50.
I see this number increasing alot due to both the budget of and the over 50 segment in general, being the highest growth section in the online dating world.
Below we have recruited Tim who has written an honest, in depth review of for us.
We've tried to highlight what we think are the main features of the site and because Tim is long time single, we've compared OurTime to the other dating sites I've used, so hopefully it will help at least 1 person reading this - enjoy!

OurTime Review Summary

Number of users:


Most Popular Subscription:

6 Month

Average Price Per Month:


Average Age:


Men to Women:

45% / 55%


A senior dating site, billed as 'THE DATING SITE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE OVER 50' 
Lots of choice and also offer the chance to get out to meet people face to face.

OurTime: How Does it Work

OurTime is a traditional dating site. What I mean by that is that as soon as you sign up, you are given free reign to search and look at every other user of the site. You are placed in the pot and it is down to you to find and speak to a potential suitor. Read below to see how the sign up process was.

Our Time Dating Cost 

The price of OurTime changes over the months, depending on how active you are and any promotions they are running.
I've copied below the full OurTime cost of memberships, but please bare in mind you probably wont have to pay that much.
For more information and tips, read the OurTime costs page. 
If you are joining at a busy time (new year/Valentines) then expect prices to be slightly higher, so keep an eye our for an OurTime discount code which can save you a few pounds. 

Insert Image

Price Per Month

Membership Length

Potential Savings

Total Cost


1 Month




3 Months




6 Months



TOP TIP: ALWAYS switch off auto renew on your account after you have signed up, otherwise you will automatically be charged the full amount for a new membership when yours runs out.

TO CANCEL OurTime AUTO RENEW you must wait 24 hours after signing up before you can cancel, which isn't very helpful.
After the 24 hours, go to the 'my account' page by clicking on your profile picture in the top right and then click 'my account settings' and lastly click 'Suspend your account' - Don't worry, you will still be able to use the account until the end of your subscription.

OurTime Sign Up

Insert Video

If you have ever used then you will be familiar with the sign up process of OurTime. The layout of questions and website look are very similar. 
I recorded myself going through the questions, so if that helps you get a feel for the site a bit more, then take a look. 
Once the questions are finished you are automatically taken to the default homepage which highlights all users who are currently online and active.
After that you are free to either use the advanced search to narrow the pool of potential dates or use their 'Blender' feature, more info on these features is below, but Blender basically highlights 100 matches a day that fit into your search criteria.

Being a company, OurTime does a good job of filling the site with eligible users and so it is 100% worthwhile signing up to a free account even if it is just to see if there are people in your area or that fit your preferences. 

OurTime Features


As an alternative way to letting you manually search for a partner, provide a feature called 'Blender'. Blender will recommend 100 matches a day for you to either select 'yes' or 'no' to. Be careful, once you select NO you wont see the profile again within Blender. It feels more like an app and it is a nice break from just searching hundred of profiles manually.

Advanced Search

The advanced search feature lets you narrow down your search by a number of criteria. If you are looking for a person who enjoys reading a certain type of book, plays badminton and hates smokers, this is the feature for you. There are a large number of filters, so you can search to your hats content.
TIP - when first using this feature, be open minded, dont get too carried away by searching for a perfect 10 straight off the bat, 


Winks let others users know you are interested in them and visa versa. Winks are a paid feature and so you will need an account to use it.

OurTime Activities offer a number of offline Activities especially for users of their site.
All members who have an account are invited to join the activities (provided their account has a photo and a fully completed profile)
You can invite up to 3 friends to join you in the activity and they dont have to be registered on Our Time either, but you will have ti pay for them.
If you have a paid account, you will get the events a little cheaper and also get to know about events before other non paid users.

Paid Features & Extras


Incognito is a feature whereby you can pay a premium of £1.99 per day to use completely privately.
Basically this means that you can browse profiles without being seen, the other person wont know you have been looking at them. You also wont be able to be found in any search results either, this might appeal to some people (if you want to keep a low profile or maybe if you want to be picky about who talks to you)
You can either pay £1.99 a day or £9.99 a month for this privileged, once you have paid, then you can switch it on and off as you wish.


Boosts are a way for you to try and increase the visibility and activity around your profile. Again, you need to buy Boosts and once purchased, you can use them when you want*
1 boost = £1.99
5 boosts = £7.95
10 boosts = £11.89

(*If you buy 1 boost, it will go live straight away)

Once you activate your Boost, your profile is promoted to the "Popular singles" lists on the site, your profile will also appear at the top of searchs that others user perform.
I couldn't track down exactly how long a Boost lasts but OurTime have told me that it can be upto several hours, it all depends on how much activity you get during the Boost time.

NOTE - If you buy 5 or 10 Boosts, make sure to cancel auto renew!
Cancel by going to Homepage -> Boost page -> clicking on on (i), below the number of available boosts and then cancel!

Connect & Select Upgrades

2 of the most pointless parts of OurTime are the paid upgrades Connect & Select. I wont spend long on these as they are just money grabbing opps.

SELECT upgrade
i. You can see if and when your messages have been read
ii. you can choose to only be contacted by people who meet your selected criteria.

CONNECT upgrade
i. You can exchange messages with useers who dont have a paid membership
ii. You will be among the first to be introduced to new members.

If you are sold on these pointless benefits, visit the subscription section to sign up to them.

What Do You Get For Free

After signing up to OurTime you will be taken to a payment page, don't sign up straight away. Take some time to look around. I thought it would be useful to point out what you can do without paying a penny:

  • you can look at profiles and their first 3 photos, which is nice
  • Add people to your favourite lists
  • See all users who are online
  • Use the search filter
  • Use blender

Our Time App

Currently the OurTime app isnt available in the UK only our US friends get to benefit from this. That being said, you an still use the site on your laptop or tablet easily. The app will be available soon, I m told an when it does it will be free to sue, much like how the app works.

Insert Image

Customer Service

OurTime seem to be easy (ish) to contact. I have an issue with my membership and they were quite responsive to help out, so overall I would say their customer service is acceptable.

OurTime Free Trial: 3 Days Free

Much like, OurTime offer a 3 day free trial once in a while. The easiest way to get a free trial membership is to take advantage of the 14 day money back guarantee. The refund isnt a full amount, but a pro rata amount and you MUST contact them via the online 'contact us' form on their site, once you are logged in.  

OurTime Discounts

Join OurTime for £9.95 a month

OurTime Vs


  • 6 Months £19.99 per month
  • 120,000+ Targeted Users
  • Lots of choice for people over 50
  • Less Time Consuming due to lower number of users already sorted into your 50+ category
  • If on the 'edge' of 50, no chance of finding someone younger
  • Not as much choice as


  • 6 Months £19.95 per month
  • 4 - 5 Million Uk Members (these are accounts, not active users)
  • Has alot of choice and member numbers
  • More choice if you just refine members to 50+
  • Less focused on 'long terms relationships'
  • More Time Consuming

How Safe is OurTime?

To ensure all users feel safe and comfortable you have the option to blacklist or report members if you feel anything inappropriate is happening.
by blacklisting a profile you wont be able to contact them and they will not see you or be able to contact you again.

Online Dating Association Membership

We ensure every site we work with on is a full member of the Online Dating Association and thereby have a binding partnership of their Code of Conduct within the online dating industry. We believe this ensures all sites which we use and recommend are, to our knowledge, the best at protecting their users and offer the best service in the industry. 


OurTime Address:
PO Box 64197,

OurTime Phone Number
0844 33 80 095

OurTime Conclusion

The Good Stuff:
  • You know what you are getting with senior dating
  • Middle of the road pricing
  • Easy to use, both website and app
  • Users are of the same mindset and place in life
The Bad Stuff:
  • Not as much choice as
  • 60+ might be better suited to this
  • Makes you feel old

Real User OurTime Reviews 

Have you used OurTime and want to share your experiences? Then please leave your review below or contact us so you cna feature on here and help someone decide what to do - thanks so much

NAME: Annie
AGE: 61
BACKGROUND:  Single mum to 3 grown up children. 

  • Has got me out of the house to meet people
  • Easy to use, I like the app on my phone
  • I've had good and bad dates
  • auto renewed my membership

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