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WhichDate Review – February 2, 2024

A site with a huge pool of active users, a numbers game in online dating as you are left to search yourself, middle of the road for price and has an available app with some nice features for those on the go.

WhichDate Score:

WhichDate Score Review: Everything you need to know before signing up

Below we have compiled an in depth look at, including its cost, features, our summary and reviews from other users.

BIO: 30 year old Male who lives in the south of England homepage is the leading online dating site in the world, attracting nearly 100million members since its launch in 1993. Match is owed by IAC who also own a wealth of other dating sites including, OKCupic, PlentyofFish, Tinder & so their influence in online dating is unparalleled.
With the sheer amount of users on and the way you are free to search profiles by yourself, it is a great place to start your online dating experience, no other place can get you in front of as many singles as, so if its a numbers game you are after then we recommend you try
Below we have put together an in depth review. We go over their main features, their positives and negatives and also added in some reviews from real users so you can hear what others think of their service. 'Matching' Process at its core is a traditional online dating service in the broadest sense. You fill out your profile, answer some basic questions and puts your profile into its system to show you to other members.  
Once you are signed up to you hit their opening page which shows you, what feels like everyone within a 100 mile radius which can be encouraging and daunting at the same time. From there you can navigate to an advanced search section, which is a great feature if you know what you are looking for or can narrow it down slightly, otherwise you will waste a tonne of time skipping over profiles.

a profile picture feels a lot more important on than the likes of Guardian Soulmates and eHarmony

this might be because psychologically I dont think they put as much effort into matching me with others, but I seem to find myself swiping left alot of the time based on nothing but the profile picture whereas on more niche dating sites I found myself taking more time to read about the profile before dismissing them.
If you know your type or simply want a lot of people to look at, then match is a really great choice. you can pinpoint with some detail what you are after. There are some other great features which I explain in more detail below, but overall I its a site I would recommend to newcomers. User Demographics

We thought it would be useful for you to understand the overall demographics of in order to make an informed decision about joining or not. The below figures were pulled from the press agency of

  • 25% are under 30   |   49% are between 30-49   |   26% are 50+
  • 68% non smokers   |    24% smokers   (8% did not specify)
  • 46% do not have children   |    23% have children at home  (21% have children away form home)
  • The 50+ category is the fastest growing User Breakdown – updated ( February 2, 2024 )

To help make our review as useful as possible, we have developed a tool to highlight exactly how many users are in your city so you can more clearly see how popular the site is in your area.

To get the below data, we have set our search to a 20 mile search radius around a number of the Uk & Irelands most popular cities. We only featured users that have logged in within 1 month and that also have a profile picture to give the truest view of users.

[wpdatatable id=5 table_view=regular] Historical Data

See Historical User Numbers UK Prices, like most other dating sites tend to change their account prices based on a number of features, but they do tend to be more stable than the likes of eHarmony with packages usually of a similar price to the below.
I've added in a table  to show the current UK costs that I'm seeing for new users, it will help to see roughly what you can expect to pay. but bare in mind it might change slightly.
For a more detailed breakdown along with tips see our costs page. 
You will find with that busier periods will see them offering a better price (new year, valentines day, start of summer etc)with cheaper plans on offer, keep an eye on our cost page above to find the best time to join in the UK. costs

Price Per Month

Membership Length

Potential Savings

Total Cost


1 Month




3 Months




6 Months



Unless you are looking to join for 1 month, I cant see why anyone would opt for the 3 month plan, so our advice would be to take the most popular, 6 month subscription.
Once signed up, Match offer some addon services, which are detailed below, these include their 'Boosts' to get your profile seen by more people and their Select and Connect addons (which, in my opinion are a waste of time)

TOP TIP: Always switch off your account auto renew, if not unchecked you will automatically be signed up when your account ends. You can find out how to cancel auto renew in your billing settings. Sign Up Process

The questionnaire was very intuitive and easy to fill out (took me around 10 minutes) as you would expect from a multi million £ company.
here felt like there was more emphasis on your potential matches than the questionnaire from other sites like eHarmony and Guardian Soulmates which is surprising given the lax feel to my matches when logged in. I guess this i where an algorithmic/niche matching systems versus a more automated system comes into play. 
You can see a quick video of the questionnaire here, if you were interested.
In terms of my matches, I was taken aback by the volume of matches when I had logged in. Straight away I felt like I was being more shallow with as a posed to other paid dating sites because I could see alot more matches and so scrolling through them was easier. .

After sign up and day 1 I had 40 views, a wink and an email. I averaged about 7-12 views a day with a wink and a couple of favourites a day too. Features

Advanced Search

The advanced search feature in is really great, its the best bit about their service. If you know what you want, then you can narrow down your search to a tee, filtering by every option imaginable; Height, weight, build, location, hobbies, income, eye colour, values etc

A nice touch is being able to search by when the person was last logged in, this does cut down the matches by quite alot (I had 500 'matches', clicked 'logged in within 2 week' and it whittled them down to just 80) but at least you can see that they are active users.

How I used this feature?
Nail down a specific type that interests you and go after those in batches by sending a similar message that will seem tailed to them.
EG Badminton players - send a messages about Badminton to everyone in that 'niche' - this seemed to work great for getting replies as I can imagine women especially get alot of messages on advanced search Winks / Favourites

With both a free and paid membership at you can add users to your favourite lists. This just means that you add a profile to a list of people who you are interested in so you can come back to them at a later time. When you add someone to your favourite list they will be notified. On paid accounts. you can also see & get notifications of users whom have added you to their favourites
Winks are just a little nudge to show someone you are interested, you can only send/receive these with paid accounts. Once you have sent a wink you cannot undo it, and the user will obviously be alerted that you have winked at them. My advice is to skip the wink and just sent them a message.

Spot Light Member

You can agree to some extended terms to basically be used as the face of on their ads across the internet - I tested this and it didn't have an impact at all on the matches or clicks to my profile  
If you are toying with the idea but dont like your face on the net, then give it a miss. This might be a better option for very attractive people, I guess if you fall into that category, you wont be short of winks/likes/views on your profile anyway. Boost allow you to purchase 'Boosts' within their platform. These are charged at £1.99 per Boost and are described as 

"a great way to increase the visibility of your profile quickly, helping you get more attention from other members."

Basically when you purchase these, your profile is included within the popular profiles' section and also you are pushed to the top of searches which can increase your activity 4X. dont specify how long the Boost lasts, but when I tested it, the average length of time was about 4 - 6 hours. 
As soon as you purchase a Boost, then it will be live.

When I tested it at various times, it wasn't worth it, but then again it might be my face that is the problem. I saw an increase in views, but next to 0 increase in engagement.
I saw the best results during mid week nights (Tuesday specifically seemed to be a winner) so use that knowledge as you will.


If you want to make sure you dont hear from someone on then you can black list or block them. These features just means that they will not be able to contact you in anyway, shape or form on, although they will still see be able to see your profile, so unaware that you have blocked them.
A less extreme version is 'hiding' profiles, this just means that their profile will not show up in any of your searches across
Match dont make it easy to find these actions, you will need to scroll to the bottom of a persons profile page to find these options.

You have 999 'hides' that you can register on your account, if you have the time, it might be worth hiding an account every time you are 100% sure you dont want to see that persons face again, this will add up the more you use it and will really save you time when logging on and searching for new matches.

Connect & Select Add-Ons

There are 2 additional paid features to memberships that you can purchase if you wish (cough - I wouldn't - cough)
These are the Connect and Select features. 

If you purchase the Connect add-on you will be able to:
- exchange messages with any member who doesn't have a subscription yet
- get alerted to new members before non-connect users.

if you purchase the select add-on you will:
- know exactly when your emails have been seen/read
- get an absence manager (ability to tell people you are away)
- have the ability to set a contact filter; this basically means you can pick a certain type pf person who can contact you, all others who dont fit this criteria will be forced to send a request first 
AKA makes you feel a bit of a diva.

I would suggest the above features aren't worth the money for most, if not all members. Nights

You will get alerted of events that are happening near you, that are run by
These are surprisingly OK, compared to other dating events I've been to. I think the fact that you know everyone else there are online dating and you can also take a friend, helped massively with me feeling like a bit of a tit (aka an introvert) The events are paid, with the first drink and snacks free, so Id recommend hopping onto one if there is one near you.
I've also noticed they offer singles holidays, I cant say Ive been on one, but if any of my lovely readers have, then Id love to hear how that went...... Shuffle

This feature is just a ransom selection of matches that want to throw in front of you, which I'm guessing is based on your questionnaire. They do feel a bit pointless due to the advanced search option they have and also alot of the 'shuffle' matches weren't of interest.
I did skipped over a few which I didn't mean to and you dont have the option to go 'back' so be aware that is isn't good to go too quickly through them
If you get through 100 shuffles, you just need to wait 10 minutes for new profiles to appear - his doesn't seem to be the best use of time in my opinion.
NOTE: When you mark someone as not interested, they will still show up in your search, which isn't the best feature - if you want to stop someone showing up, you will need to block / hide them (read below) shuffle

What Do You Get For Free

After completing the questionnaire you'll want to take a look around before paying anything. The free features you get are listed below:


  • See Pictures of Users (great free benefit)
  • Favourite Any User
  • See What You Both Have in Common
  • See Full Profile


  • Send & Receive Emails
  • Send Winks
  • See Who Viewed Your Account
  • See Who Winked / Added You to Their Favourites
  • Get Customer Support App

The app is actually a really great feature. Its nicely designed and doesn't feel as crowded as the main site at all. I guess as more and more people look to use their mobile phones, this was developed more recently than the desktop site.

The around me feature is really cool - you can search by distance from you via the app, so you might pick up a few people you know.
You will need to enable location service via your phone, but its easy to switch off if you get sick of it - you can even browse 'incognito' so you can spy on your friends dating game without them knowing.
On the match app, using the “Around me” feature, you can also send up to 3 emails per day, for free. You can communicate freely with any member who has the “Connect” upgrade switched on too. I guess this feature will be more used by men than women, but its an added feature for those who wont want to pay straight away.

One gripe I did have with the app, was the lack of being able (or easy to find) option to switch off notifications. Even when I logged out of the app, I still kept getting messages pop up when there was an update or I had a wink etc app Customer Service

All staff I spoke to at were helpful, I even managed to blag a cheaper membership when I renewed by calling there team, so if you have time on your hands and fancy chatting to an operator give that a go. also have a very responsive social media team on Facebook & Twitter, so if you have any questions or concerns, I would recommend contacting them via Twitter. Free Trial: The 14 Day Refund allow you 14 days to cancel your subscription, though you will want to start the process at least 3/4 days before your 14 days expires just to make sure you dont run out of time. (eg if you want to cancel on a Friday it might cause issues if you leave it until the last day). This means that you can essentially get a 14 membership for free to test that waters and see how you get on.
NOTE: Refunds can only be sanctioned on new memberships and add-ons. If you have renewed your membership or it isn't your first time with Match then you cannot get a fund.
Other than that, a free trial doesn't really exist. They do send out a 3 day trial to some users, but this is limited and no one can really get an insight or benefit from a 3 day taste of online dating anyway - nevertheless, if you see it advertised, give it a go by all means. Discount Codes

Below are the most up to date offers and discounts. If you happen to find a new, money saving code then please add it to our discount code page so that other users can bathe in the ££ they have saved. 
If you dont see a code live, then new users to can claim a free £10 Amazon voucher for signing up via - please see our discount page for more information. 

Join & Save 25% Off

Join for £9.95 per month using code

New to
Claim a free £10 voucher when you sign up
*will not work with other discounts or offers Vs eHarmony and eHarmony are 2 of the most popular dating sites in the UK and in light of this, one of the most common questions we get asked is "Which one is better". Below I have outlined the basic differences between the 2 in hope that it will help you decided which is best for you.
If you want more in depth information on eHarmony, then read or eHarmony review to read more real user reviews.


  • 6 Months £9.99 a Month
  • 4 - 5 Million UK Members (these are accounts, not active users)
  • Alot of Active Members & Profiles
  • Good 'Advanced Search' Options to Filter Potential Dates
  • Shorter Contract Lengths / Cheaper Options
  • Upgrade-able Options to Enhance Your Search
  • 'Near You' Feature on the App is Good
  • Less Focused on 'Long Term Relationships'
  • More Time Consuming Due to Searching Through Profiles


  • 6 Months £19.95 per Month
  • 4.1 Million UK Members (these are accounts, not active users)
  • Does the Hard Work for You - Weeds Out alot of Mis-Matches
  • Feels More 'Premium'
  • Less Time Consuming
  • Aimed at People Looking for Marriage
  • Free Communication Weekends Provide Nice intro to the Site
  • Can Feel More Restrictive as You Cant Simply View Everyone on the Platform
  • More Expensive Vs eHarmony VERDICT

I felt like I was being more shallow with when compared to eHarmony, I can only put this down to the fact that I could see alot more matches and so scrolling through them was easier. The desktop platform felt more cluttered and less easy to use but I guess most people will be using the mobile app more than the desktop. The app was great and I really like the 'near you' feature that you can use with the app, although the notifications were a bit annoying, overall it was one of the best I've used. There definitely is more selection with due to the model they use, but there also seemed to be more 'unactive' accounts, these can be easily weeded out by using the search features though.

When it came to actual dates and matches I would say they were pretty even. The price for eHarmony is higher and shorter contracts arent always available. Without sounding too snobby, my matches on eHarmony seemed to be skewed more towards middle class/professionals with less working class type people than I found on This again might just be the matching algorithms on eHarmony and the fact that you have access to all users on Match,com.

The biggest difference between the 2 in my opinion comes down to time and just how you want a dating site to perform. You can go down the route and search through more profiles or try eHarmony and have profiles matched to you, with set demographics. I probably had more success with eHarmony, but its a close call.

How Safe is

All online dating sites can leave you vulnerable to scammers, so its important before you sign up that you read and understand the dangers and how exactly what you can do to keep yourself safe when using online dating sites.
With that out the way, Match,com provide various methods to help secure their platform. They apparently can detect fraudulent profiles and will delete them quickly. You can also 'report' a profile if you think there is something suspect, say that they investigate every profile that is reported. 
Match do have the blacklist/block features and also allow you to search profiles in 'incognito' mode, which ensures no one can see who you have visited, if you are really worried you can I've them a call on 020 305 96 494.

Online Dating Association Membership is approved by the Online Dating Association 


6th Floor,
55 Strand,
WC2N 5LR Phone020 305 96 494 Conclusion

Overall, is a great service for sheer number of users and profiles. The overall site feels a bit more cluttered and less 'premium' than other paid for dating sites, which is reflected in the cost to join Match - it is generally one of the cheapest sites to use.
I liked the fact you can search by when the user was last logged in, it does highlight just how many inactive users there are though (I refined my searches to include only users who had been active in the last 2 weeks, available profiles went from 500 to 80) is a numbers game, with the amount of users on the platform it is easy to get distracted and 'swipe left' on a lot of matches. The add-ons that offer make the site feel a bit more seedy and money grabbing, all of the add-ons I used weren't great, so Id recommend avoiding them.
I have had a number of dates and continue to get messages from users on Match - the number of new users also seems good, especially around peak times. 

MY RECOMMENDATION: I recommend for people new to online dating because of the low cost to entry. The site is certainly a good match for me (36 year old male in the midlands) in terms of profiles and dates.
Not sure what you want and have time to spare, then give a try as an intro for a few months and if you like the feel of online dating there are other sites you can try if the profiles aren't what you are looking for (although with the number of users, you should be OK)

WhichDate Score
The Good Stuff:
  • Number of Users
  • Nice App
  • Most affordable dating site
The Bad Stuff:
  • Time Consuming
  • More Casual feeling
  • Add-ons Feel like a Money Making Scheme

Real User Reviews 

We strive to bring as many real user reviews as possible to help you decide if the service is right for you and your personal situation.
The below users have submitted their honest review to help you decide.

If You have Used Please leave your review below

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Overall Rating


  1. NeilW says:



    Do not use under any circumstances Zero rated! Absolutely none of there advertising is true, they have found new ways to exploit people, I guess there is no control or watch dog for this industry, as they are taking massive amounts of money under false pretences. I am an honest guy, and the few ladies I have spoken to say they are generally to frightened to respond due to the amount of crazy people on this site. They also have clever ways and tricks of getting you to may more, give it to a good charity instead.
  2. Raihan says:



    Rai Most of the profiles in are fake and managed by the staff.You will not received any response even if you send 50 messages and you are a paid member with added connect ( means people can reply your message even if they are not paid member). Before you become a paid member you will receive locked messages from their fake members which you cannot read. However once you are a paid member nobody send you any message.They know how to lure you to pay for the subscription. It is an organised fraud.
  3. Sam Weaver says:



    Awful, waste of money, save yourself before it's too late 1 star because I can't give 0. I recently signed up and stupidly decided to go with the 6 month subscription. With the current climate and Covid my financial circumstances have changed very quickly. I now can't afford it, so I've cancelled my subscription. However I'm still going to be charged £6.99 each month for 6 months until my contract ends. Unlike with every other site or service I've been on, when you cancel they don't charge you anymore. On the surface looks like a great site, but it's just here to scam people out of money. I normally read reviews before signing up to things like this but I didn't. Big mistake. I have sent them an email requesting for my contract to be cancelled and for a refund. I will update this review when they get back to me. And if i hadn't made it clear already, DON'T under any circumstances pay for Some said in their review below "company of thieves", love this, it is so true.
  4. Tom says:



    Absolute waste of money Much like the previous poster, I got sucked into a six month contract despite cancelling after a couple of weeks. This site really should be should down as it isn't for for purpose and is ultimately just making money off the back of peoples loneliness. Match just remember that it is you that is powerless to change your contract and are effectively stealing my Money for the next 5 months. So until such time that our contract written by you comes to an end then expect negative feedback from as many angles as I can find. Please feel free to respond publicly so everyone can see your lies
  5. Tina says:



    No normal men there! Well, in two days I been bombarded with messages and likes. I got over 140 messages from different men, 300+ likes. I did answered to few of them but 2 of them straight away I can say womanisers ( promised me everything under the sun) laughable really, I am not 18 I know well this type ( I been married to one) One is mental case ( first question he asked is how many men I slept with?) Then mummy’s boy and another one who recently been divorced, didn’t stop telling me about ( how his wife amazing and got the hottest body anyone can even see) In the end I understood that this sh.. men are not for me I deserve so much more! I am successful business woman, I am sure when time is right I will find «  the one ». I didn’t go on a date with any of them. So girls thinks before you signed up, not only you will loose lots of money but you will get bombarded with all kind of weirdos. Like my sister said, normal men will not be on this kind of site as they will find woman in no time but those men who nobody needs, plenty of them are there. Womanisers, mummy’s boys, weirdos. Be aware and don’t trust them!
  6. D says:



    Just a money making scheme After you pay 60 £ for the subscription ,then they say you should pay another 60£ so that you will get more replies to your messages as member they can reply for free,rubbish,you don't get no reply,I waist of money I don't know why u can't find this kind of real reviews on their website or trust pilot I belive they pay good money for people to delete every negative one
  7. Tony says:



    Money grabbing Tried to cancel payment suspended my account payments of £19 a month keep being taken told it's a six month package and have to pay all six months even tho suspended my account after 3 weeks mony robbers dont use this site trying to get in touch was a feet of endurance
  8. Samantha says:



    Company of thieves Company of Thieves!!!!! They renew automatically your subscription !!!!They are taking money from your bank account!!! THIEVES!!!!!!!!
  9. garry says:



    easy to use Only been on here a couple of days , very sceptical to start with , in the first hours you do get a lot of views which is nice . In 2 days i have had 2 messages , profiles have matched mine and location nearby , one lady i have chatted to a couple of times , i feel confident she is real . The second one couple of messages then Match marked her as a bad apple , i am now trying to find out through match what exactly this means , the only thing i noticed was very short messages and bad grammar after i put a bit of effort into my message . i think overall for £9.99p it costs less than a few drinks trying to catch someones eye . I will be checking how easy it is to cancel the next renewing subscription. Hopefully i will be able to update this message with positive feedback.
  10. merm says:
    Location:North Wales



    Don`t bother! I have been on this site for around 2 months and it is just older men, and looking at the photos I think most are quite a lot older than they have put on their profiles. The shuffle feature keeps bringing up the same people over and over most of which are miles from my area. There are no useful features on the website it is greatly lacking. Apart from discover which just shows you who was online recently...same people all the time. Same with the search function. Hard to tell who is actually online. You are unable to filter what age groups can contact you. My advice is to join a free dating site like Plenty of Fish which is much better to navigate with lots more features.
  11. S says:



    Avoid Do not use this website: the company are thieves. Unappealing men online are not the fault of the company but what is the fault of the company is that when you choose to take a break and suspend your profile in a six month paid-for term, you can only reinstate yourself for the remainder of the term paid for by starting another term (in my case, six months) at the full price. When I first asked for clarification on this, the phone was never answered; teh chat facility was unmanned; an that just left email - oh dear. In the first reply, my question was simply repeated: I was told my profile had been suspended and could be reinstated. I asked again, and on the second reply, I was told the subscription would renew with an automatic renewal. I cancelled the repeat of the subscription soon after it was taken out. It seems therefore, that even if you cancel, the company still want your money; and if you take a break because you're fed up with being pestered by ugly men, you have to pay again even within the period already paid for. This, to me, is robbery. Do not use this site.
  12. T says:



    Don't Bother! Honestly, don't bother! Firstly I got this using the Topcashback deal which promised that if I bought a 6 month subscription I'd get my money back. Instead of £45 I got £4.20, if they so blatantly lie in their advertisements do you really want to trust them with your dating life? Then once you get on the website it's rubbish! They just constantly try to get you to pay more and more money to upgrade so you can use features. If you want a dating site you'd do better with a free one! Bumble is a far nicer company and won't take advantage of you!
  13. Kat says:



    Rubbish! Rubbish - don’t do it! You can’t cancel it! They don’t answer the phone- no Matter what option you choose - there is no one to speak to - ever! They say the only way to stop it auto renewing from an iPhone is to do it from settings - subscriptions- it’s not there in my list. I paid £60 the first time for 6months, I used it for all of 2 weeks - it’s was rubbish and even though I thought I’d cancelled it it then it auto renewed and charged me £119.34!!!!! I went to PayPal who came back saying that my refund had been declined! Steer well clear of this money machine!
  14. Joyce says:



    Please don't do it run....... I would love to give this website a zero, I was on there for a month most of the men are perverts looking for someone to satisfy their needs, all they ask for is sex most of them are married men, liers and scammers. This is a very nasty website that they are not monitoring the website, its a waste of time and money anybody who is thinking of joining please turn the other way the men on their profile mentioning they are single and ready for a relationship, 80% of them are married men and liers.
  15. AARON ms says:



    Don't do it!!! The worst site imaginable. Look forward to spending two minutes verifying that you're not a computer every time you log in (after paying), so you can see 45 people, two of whom you're interested in (in a top 5 city in terms of population in the US), one of whom has been online in the last year... and a bunch of people a hundred miles away. All good reviews about this horrible site online are ones they paid for. Run for the internet hills.
  16. Emilie says:



    Don't bother! A big disappointment. In 10 weeks all except 1 person I contacted quickly had their profile blocked as "inappropriate and blocked for my safety". Also match don't pay much attention to the details you've provided. For example, I specified a 50 mile radius for contacts. I'm being sent details of men the other end of the country. You would do getter going down the pub.
  17. Keith Greenough says:



    System cock up! Why have you change the system template to ‘Journal’ when it was working perfectly fine previously; now it’s far more complicated to view the ladies you have on your site, motto is don’t change the system unless its broken!!! In this case I feel that the ‘Computer Gures’ of this website have got to justify their existence at the expense of their customers and now it’s a mess!!!!!!!
  18. Cristina says:



    Very difficult to cancel the subscription I used different dating sites and find it very easy to cancel the subscription. With match is totally different and I am been struggling for the past year already. I also received messages from other members complaining for the same reason. I spent one hour yesterday trying to cancel it then I gave up again
  19. Anonymous says:



    Please don't waste your money Match is a COMPLETE waste of time. I deleted my account today. Some perverted men, who think women are there to satisfy their sexual appetite and talk pure vulgar to you when you eventually part with your number. Some game playing men who lie about what their looking for. Creepy website, which advertises how easy it is to find love. So please don't waste your money...join a free site, fizzle out the idiots, at least you haven't parted with a penny! Whether you pay or join a free dating site you will come across some people who are not genuine...
  20. James says:



    Waste of time and money This site is just a huge waste of time and money, the people are all rude and complain about "time wasters" but block you unless you look like Brad Pitt. The common interests mean absolutely nothing because it's all generic. It's expensive and has just as many time wasters and rude people as other "free" dating sites and even when you do get talking to someone you get ghosted by them when it gets serious. Unfortunately this website suffers the same as all other dating sites and that is that's based on a handful of photos and is used by mostly judgemental people who are looking for someone 100% perfect (not just for them but in general). So unless you are ridiculously good looking don't bother wasting your money especially if you have mental health issues as it will only make them worse. You are better off using one of the many other "free" dating sites you'll get ignored just as easily on there but at least it doesn't cost you anything.
  21. Keith Greenough says:



    Scam waste of time Talking to a really nice lady on this dating website for three/four days and was just about to exchange contact details when for no reason all communication with her was cut off by; how bloody frustrating is this, no wonder it has a terrible reputation. I have come to the conclusion which has been expressed by so many dissatisfied customers that they don’t want to lose your costume; to them it’s all about money!!! In addition there is no way of speaking to any individual to express your concerns; bloody annoyed! Let’s see if they cut this review off!!
  22. Pete says:



    Best avoided I have been on Match on and off for about 18mths. I would describe myself as "average looking" rather than particularly good looking, have a pretty good profile (which I have amended from time to time) and a good selection of photos. In this time, I have probably sent about 200 messages, vast majority of which to ladies who's listed "looking for" criteria I match and asking something on their profile, but can count on one hand the number of replies I've had (excluding the "thanks but no thanks" ones) and, from these, all of one date! I therefore think that, echoing the main review about people being very shallow on Match, unless you are comfortably in the top 20% looks wise (certainly for men) and preferably in a big city, you are just wasting your time on Match.
  23. K says:



    Waste of time Unfortunately, it is a waste of time. The men don't seem to contact women and when they do, they seem to chat to start and then move on to someone else. If you are lucky to get an email message, it goes going back and forth for ages and then they don't bother asking you out or arranging a date. Then they disappear! Waste of money, I wouldn't bother and it's just an upmarket Plenty of Fish site as the same guys seem to be on both websites. It doesn't help because Match, 'like' and 'favourite' people that you haven't and then when you question them to take it off they say there is no way of doing that other than blacklisting someone - very bizarre as they are the ones that favourite people on your behalf! all very bizarre. So in all, a waste of money - and really don't bother paying.
  24. Collins says:



    jonny I was able to use match . com, i found a friend there, easy to use but nothing more than friends so far.
  25. Bex says:



    Using isn't like other dating apps out there that are just full of people looking to waste time. I feel like users of really take the time to get to know you, a place for like minded people, looking to connect.
  26. Adam says:


    Age:34 Im new to online dating so its taking me some time to get used to Match. Initially I was a bit disheartened by the lack of activity and matches for my account. Ive since gotten over myself a bit and although Im not in demand, Im chatting to a couple of women who seem on my level, hopefully it leads to something.