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WhichDate Review – February 27, 2024

A dating site aimed at Londoners, with a perceived focus on more professional singles. A good number of active users, more diverse than other sites we've used and some good matches. Middle of the road pricing

WhichDate Score:

WhichDate Score

Lovestruck Review: Everything you need to know before signing up

I've used Lovestruck for 3 months, read below to find out how I got. I've written an in depth look at Lovestruck, with tips and info on its cost, its features, its app, plus my summary and some extra Lovestruck reviews from other users.

BIO: 30 year old Male who lives in the south of England

lovestruck review

Chances are if you live in London you have seen the Lovestruck ads on the tube - Lovestruck is essentially a dating site for people living in London. 
When I spoke to them, they said they do have a user base in all of the large cities in the UK (as well as abroad) but going by their marketing etc I would say that this site is suitable for singles in or near London (or those that dont mind the commute for luuurrvv) 
I signed up to a 3 month Lovestruck membership, below you can read my whole experience, I've tried to include as much details as possible. 
If you have used Lovestruck, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave a Lovestruck review, it will massively help other users.

How Does Lovestruck Work?

Lovestruck, is first and foremost a more traditional online dating site that allows you to sign up and search their pool of singles. This basically gives you free reign over who you can talk to, these sites will feel more crowded / give you more options compared to algorithm based dating sites. The general feeling of paid dating sites is that they attract people that are looking for longer terms relationships and something more than just a hook up, which is what free apps tend to attract.
Lovestruck claim to also have a matching engine in play that tracks your behaviour when you are logged in. They use the data gathered from this to bring you matches that it thinks will be of interest. Its a nice feature that does surface some profiles that I might have missed but 99% of the time, I'm using the advanced search to find women I'm interested in. 

Lovestruck London Membership Prices

Lovestruck are towards the cheaper end of dating sites, but still middle of the road, they generally fit into the same price bracket as Match, Guardian Soulmates and eHarmony.
Lovestruck offer 2 pricing options, their standard membership and premium memberships, I've reviewed the features you get with each below. 
For more information, plus tips for getting the best price, read my Lovestruck costs page. 

lovestruck cost membership

Lovestruck Standard Membership

Price Per Month

Membership Length

Potential Savings

Total Cost


1 Month




3 Months




6 Months




12 Months



Lovestruck Premium Membership

Price Per Month

Membership Length

Potential Savings

Total Cost


1 Month




3 Months




6 Months




12 Months



Lovestruck have a pretty consistent membership cost and they are also the most active online dating site with offering discount codes and offers too, so my advice would be to go make sure I have a Lovestruck promo code live for you to use which will save you at least 20%. 

TOP TIP: Cancel Auto Renew as soon as you sign up! To do this you will need to email Lovestruck on - you need to include your surname in the email. If you paid for your subscription via paypal you an cancel by logging into your paypal account and going to the 'recurring payments' section.

Standard vs Premium Membership Features

Standard Membersip

  • Send & Receive Unlimited Messages
  • Add upto 8 photos
  • View All member photos
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • See who has 'favourited' you
  • Receive instant email alerts with new matches
  • Incognito usage
  • Boost or hide your profile in search results
  • A stand out mini profile
  • Priority Customer Service

Premium Membership

  • Send & Receive Unlimited Messages
  • Add upto 8 photos
  • View All member photos
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • See who has 'favourited' you
  • Receive instant email alerts with new matches
  • Incognito usage
  • Boost or hide your profile in search results
  • A stand out mini profile
  • Priority Customer Service

The upgrade options are tempting, I haven't used them personally, but we sometimes do feature free upgrade codes, so keep an eye out for them. I would suggest purchasing the standard membership first, you can always upgrade at a later date if you aren't finding success with the standard plan.

Lovestruck Sign Up

lovestruck searching

The Lovestruck sign up and questions are typical of most traditional online dating sites. As soon as you have added your email address. you are free to search user profiles without paying. You can also see their profile pictures, which is always a nice thing to see before signing up (the full complement of images are only available once you have signed up) 

Don't fret about your bio etc, as you can change all aspects of your profile once you are signed up anyway...I know it takes me ages to try and figure out a witty one liner, or a decent intro bio.

You are free to use their advanced search filters right from the off, which is cool, you can see if there are members you would be interested in before signing up.

One thing that did concern me was that I had never added my location in, yet they were serving me matches by 'nearest' to me. Turns out they use either the location you set via the app or your IP address, which can be highly inaccurate. Because of this, I can't grab info to show you how popular the site is or compare men vs women numbers accurately.

Lovestruck also dont allow you to search by 'last logged in' date, which is sad - this would be a feature I'd like to see on all dating sites
(Update: It seems that you can see if a match was last logged in within  days, if not, then this info isn't available)

Having used Lovestruck for 3 months, I did meet with 3 women, all of which were lovely and I dont honestly know why things didn't move forward with one of them in particular....
All of the dates I met up with or spoke to were within 30 mins of London, which makes sense with their marketing and targeted adverts on the tube. 
Whether it was down to my targeting or the type of women I attract to my profile, but most of my matches seemed the professional type and a large majority of women that got in touch with me were of a foreign background. This isn't a complaint, just an observation and I guess if the site is targeted to London then the users are bound to be more diverse than those sites that have users from more rural places.

Lovestruck Features

Date Discovery

When you sign up you can add some ideas for your perfect date. This information is then used to help find others that might like the same things as you.
You can also ask users on a date using these predefined suggestions, which could be a good opportunity.
In theory it sounds good, I cant comment on how successful it is, but I guess any free extra bells and whistles that can attract more people t you, the better.

Keyword Search

A nice features that will return all profiles that contain a search term or keyword that you insert - handy for finding people that have a specific interest that you are passionate about and can relate to.

Lovestruck London Events (Laissez-Faire  - Red Straw)

Lovestruck host monthly (ish) meet ups in London, its basically a bar with drinks to meet up with other singles. The events are free and held mostly in the same place - the Patch Bar in St.Pauls, London. You grab a red straw so that others know you are single too!
I didn't manage to get to one of these events but I do have a friend who is a regular, the below is from him, not me:

"Yeah, they are quite chilled. Quite alot of people tend to go, so either get there early for some cheaper drinks or dont plan to spend too long there. The times I have been I have generally arranged to meet more than 1 women there so I'm not stuck for too long if I'm not feeling it.  I usually take a mate with me too, its free to take others so usually ends  in a good night out, Id recommend trying one out for sure. The red straws are a nice touch too" 

I cant really add anything else - you can see all of the upcoming events on Lovestruck.

Hide/Blocking Profiles

Like most / all online dating sites, Lovestruck have the option to hide or block profiles on the site.

Hide = this profile will not show up in any of your search results, as a basic I use this religiously to stop unwanted profiles popping up. YES I admit I use this to be very shallow at first glance!

Block = blocking will mean that the other user will not be able to see or contact you at all. They wont know they have been blocked, but they wont be able to see you, so they might guess!

BE CAREFUL for obvious reasons if you are using these events to meet up with more than 1 women who you have been talking to - it could end badly for everyone!

What Do You Get For Free from Lovestruck

By just completing the questionnaire and making your profile, you get the below features for FREE - I always recommend signing up for a free account before paying so you can get a feel for the site.

  • Create a  profile and add up to 4 images
  • View profiles and profile pictures (only main image)
  • Use advanced search filters
  • Like the users you like the look of

Lovestruck App

The Lovestruck app is a nice addition to their service and I ended up using the app alot more than the actual website, so I managed to get some good use out of it. 
As soon as you sign up, it asks you to use the phones GPS to pin point your location. I dont know if its just me, but I really dont like that you cant set a location or see where your matches are located, it just feels like they could be anywhere in the country and I'm just replying on them. Its not a massive deal, but id like to be able to refine my search to a mile radius.
Back to the app, its easy to use and you can purchase your membership via the app. The app is on both apple and android and they are both free, so if you purchase a membership, go download the app.

lovestruck app

Lovestruck Customer Service

I contacted Lovestruck to get a feel for their customer service and was pleasantly surprised. I received a reply within 10 minutes the first time and then subsequent emails were always less than 24 hours - so an A for effort on that front.
They were quite helpful with supplying tips on my account too and answered a few of my boring questions. I didn't contact using the phone line.

Lovestruck Free Trial

This was a bit confusing for me. I saw the Lovestruck tube ads that say you can get a free trial by visiting their site /tube, but when I tried it out, I cant see that I got a free trial at all...just normal access to the site.
UPDATE: I contacted their support team and was told it had expired, even though the site messaging suggested otherwise. I did get an offer for a 3 day trial for £14.99 by talking to their customer service rep, seemed a bit steep though.
NOTE, you will need to add payment details in order to get the trial. IF YOU DO THIS PLEASE CANCEL YOU AUTO RENEW ASAP BY EMAILING THEM ON

Lovestruck Promo Codes

I scour the net to bring only the most up to date offers and discount for Lovestruck, so I hope the below codes help you save some money.
Im only human and will miss some, so if you happen to have a money saving trick or find a code, please head over to my Lovestruck London Voucher Codes page and leave it in the comments, its massively apprenticed - thanks guys!

25% Off Lovestruck Memberships


Free 3 Day Trial at Lovestruck
Sign up using my link to get a free 3 day trial

Lovestruck vs

Match is probably the most popular dating site in the UK due to the sheer number of users on their platform plus their middle of the road pricing. So comparing Lovestruck Vs before signing up is probably something most people do, I thought giving a quick overview below would be helpful.
Both sites act as a traditional online dating site, whereby you are forced to search singles yourself, with Lovestruck also featuring a matching engine that tracks how you use the site to bring you more related profiles, but in all honesty, using the search functions are all I used during my time on the site.


  • 6 Months £13.17 per month
  • 250,000+ Members
  • Very focused for London Singles and professional people
  • Very Diverse, a mix of different races and cultures
  • Responsive support team
  • Good safety verification methods
  • Not the best for people outside of London
  • Cant search by location or last logged in time
  • Do not offer money back guarantee 


  • 6 Months £9.95 per month
  • 4 - 5 Million Uk Members (these are accounts, not active users)
  • Has alot of choice and member numbers
  • App is very easy to use and well designed / useful
  • Has a 14 day money back offer
  • More Time Consuming / alot of searching
  • The upgradable features feel pointless


Both sites have a good number o f users to search through (if you are London based, or dont mind the commute) Location will be a big player here. 
If you are outside of London, try Match or one of are other top dating sites.
If you are in or near London, then Lovestruck might be a good option. If you are open minded about the race, religion, ethnicity of your match then Lovestruck would be worth trying. Added to this, alot of users seemed profession focused, so if that is important to you aswell, then I would suggest you take a look at the site. If these factors aren't a deal breaker, then I would probably side with, especially if you are new to online dating. If you have used Match and want something different, read over some of our other dating site reviews to find something suitable.

How Safe is Lovestruck?

I was impressed by the 'forward-thinkingness' of Lovestruck and their safety / verification process, which is one of the most advanced in the online dating world. Users that verify via different social platforms are clearly marked on search pages so you can be pretty sure these are real people, I also haven't received any fake messages (which are pretty easy to spot) so I would feel comfortable using / recommending the site to a friend / family member.
Lovestruck do not currently have a dedicated email address for reporting any users, but if you have issues, then please do email them at to report anything untoward. 

Online Dating Association Membership

Lovestruck is recognised by the Online Dating Association in the UK.

Contact Lovestruck

Lovestruck Address:
86-90 Paul Street,

Lovestruck Phone
020 3287 7761

Lovestruck Conclusion

Overall, my time on eHarmony has resulted in a number of dates with some very lovely ladies and I'm sure I will have some more.
In terms of the overall use of the site, it is definitely in my top 3 and one I would recommend if you are going down the paid route. I continue to get a good number of matches (3 months on)  but this might be dependant on location (I am based in the south of England) so please check our below real user reviews to see what everyone else is saying.
The feel of the site is more 'premium' than other cheaper and free dating sites I've used, added with the price this seems to attract a slightly more affluent demograph than other sites, which also aligns with the demographic information that eHarmony has provided me with. 
The site is marketed as a 'long term' relationship site and they do talk about marriage alot and certainly the people I have spoken to and met with are looking for long term/marriage which can be overwhelming to some people. 

MY RECOMMENDATION: Live in or near London with an open mind to your matches then head over to a Lovestruck Laissez-Faire / Red Straw event, get a feel for the type of people on the site before signing up. 
As always, sign up first and have a few days searching with your non paid account, you get some good features with a free account so you can see if the people there are of interest before paying for anything. Then obvs, head over to see if I have any Lovestruck discounts before signing up.

WhichDate Score
The Good Stuff:
  • Good focus of users in London
  • Middle of the road pricing
  • Diverse users
  • Fairly regular discounts on our site
The Bad Stuff:
  • Not the best if you live outside of London
  • Cant search by location or last logged in
  • No 14 money back period

Real User Lovestruck Reviews 

Below are words from our lovely users who have left an honest review in the hope that it will help you guys out with making a decision.

If you have used Lovestruck please leave a review below.

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