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Maybe I am being short sighted, but the location based usage of this app doesn't sit well with me. The app looks great and I have no doubt it can work, but the fact that someone can see your exact location, doesn't appeal to me and potentially vulnerable​​​​ users.

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Happn Dating App Review: All You Need to Know Before You Sign Up

This week, our resident dating expert puts Happn to the sword for your dating pleasure

BY Paul, Last Updated: NOVEMBER, 2019
Reviewer: 20 something Male who travels the UK and lives in Scotland

Happn launched in the UK in early 2015 and proved particularly popular following a widescale social media campaign to promote the app. However, I have to be really honest from the get-go, I am NOT a fan of this app.

For me Happn is every stalkers dream and no matter how good it may be for those with the most innocent of intentions, I can’t help but feel like the security concerns supersede the positives. What I don’t like is the lack of control users have, it’s not like Tinder and Bumble where you can choose who you want to interact with, with Happn other users can see where you are or where you’ve crossed paths, whether you want them to or not.

For example, as I write this on a cold wintery evening I can see that there is a young woman who has just crossed paths within 500 metres of me, possibly walking home alone. I just can’t shake this feeling that in the wrong hands this app could present some serious safety concerns to people.

The founders of course have the best of intentions. They want you to be able to find out who the guy or girl that gave you the eye on the train was, and yes, there’s something slightly special about that, but does it outweigh the safety concerns? I’ll let you make your own mind up on that.

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How Does Happn Work? 

Happn is similar to Tinder and Bumble in that it creates your profile by linking up to your Facebook profile, after that it’s just a case of selecting the gender you’re interested in and the age range.

The next bit is where I get concerned. The app uses GPS tracking to show you a list of people within 500 metres of your present location. It tells you if you’ve crossed paths with them, gives you a map of roughly where you crossed paths as well as all the usual personal info. Alarm bells ringing for anyone else?

How Much Does Happ Cost?

Free for the most part, coins can be purchased to access additional (but unnecessary) features. 
Coins cost from £1.49 for 10 - £23.49 for 300 and they will basically allow you to show more interest in those that the app matches you with

Signing Up to Happn

Where Can I Use it?

Happn originated in France before moving to the UK, so naturally it’s pretty big in France. In the UK you’ll find a sufficient number of users in all the major cities. The quieter the area, the less users you’ll find. Due to the short radius on offer as opposed to the hundred miles of Bumble, it’s a bit of a common sense approach with Happn. Out in the sticks, it renders the app kind of pointless.

Casual Dating VS Long Term Relationship

Although not the intention of the founders, Happn has proven most popular for hook-ups.

How Safe is Happn Dating?

Don't get me started on above

Happn Alternatives

just about any other app. It’s a very unique idea but is it better than using Tinder or Bumble? I think not

Happn FAQ

Downloading the Happn App

Currently the NOW app is available on Apple and the newly launched android app.
Visit the below links to download the NOW!
Update: Download the new Windows App here

Deleting the Happn App

Great question. The option given is ‘deactivate your account’ which will make your profile invisible and log you out. When you log back in should you choose to, your old details should still be there though.

Contact Happn Dating

8, rue du Sentier, 75002
Paris, France

Happn Conclusion & Tips

Safety should be the number 1 feature for all apps, its the elephant in the room with Happn and I cant see past it! Here are my tips if you decide to go forward:

1. Please be careful. There are some odd people out there and although the app won’t tell someone the ‘exact’ spot your in, it could certainly send danger into your path.

2. Turn the app and location off if you arent in a busy location and will be actively using the app.

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