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Elite Singles Review 2018

Elite Singles Review: EVERYTHING you need to know before signing up

Read how I got on when I used their dating site, I've put together an in depth Elite Singles review. I've includes the cost, the features, a summary and I'm trying to compile as many real reviews as possible. Enjoy!

BY Mark, Last Updated: MAY, 2018
Reviewer: 30 year old Male who lives in South, England.
I've added real reviews and comments from other age groups below

Elite Singles is an online dating website that uses scientific algorithms to match user profiles, much like eHarmony. 
The business is owed by Affinitas, a well established German company who own other dating sites and have approximately 13 million users all told.  
Their marketing and user base are focused on 'affluent' and educated users, which also leans itself more to users in big cities than those in the countryside. 
Below you can see the cost to join as well as the number and make up of their users, please contact me if you would like any more information on joining Elite Singles and if you have sued it and can add a review, that would be great. 

Review Summary

Number of users:

18,000 new members a week (most info I could find)

Most Popular Subscription:

6 Month

Average Price Per Month:


Average Age:

30 - 55

Men to Women:

44% / 56%


Higher priced dating site. Uses algorithms to serve you 3-7 matches a day. Aimed at professionals but I was disappointing with the matches overall.

How Does Elite Singles Work?

Elite Singles, like eHarmony uses algorithms to serve you singles they think will suit you.  
On sign up they ask you lots of questions to better understand who you are and what you are looking for - it will take you a good 30 minutes to complete it. 
The questions are used to access you on the 'Big Five' personality traits, these big five are combined with your personal preferences and location preferences to serve you matched profiles

The Big 5 Personality Traits

1. openness to experience
2. conscientiousness
3. extraversion
5.Emotional Stability

Elite Single Additional Filters

1. gender
2. age
3. residence
4. profession
5. level of education

Elite Singles also offer up 'random matches' in addition to their 3-7 a day, scientifically matches profiles. This keeps things fresh, but I found that they were mostly not of interest to me personally.

The site uses both the answers to your questions and your preferences when adding matches to your account - so things like distance and smoking habits will play a roll as well as things from the personality traits above.
*read more about the personality traits

Elite Singles Prices

From what I have seen, Elite Singles tend to offer the best price when you first sign up, so if you see a deal, its probably best to grab it.
For a more detailed breakdown along with money saving tips and the best time to join see my Elite Singles cost page. 
Elite Singles have different pricing if you purchase through the app, below I have added in the cost to join via the app in pink

*NOTE - if you sign up via the app you will need to go through the marketplace to get a refund, not Elite Singles.

Price Per Month

Membership Length

Potential Savings

Total Cost


3 Months


£89.95 (£89.99)


6 Months


£143.70 (£104.99)


12 Months


£203.40 (£199.99)

The saving above are based on 29.95 per month 3 month membership

The most popular subscription is the 6 month membership and when I signed up there was an offer on to get it for £17.95. This might be the normal price to entice you in, so if you see the full price, then wait a couple of days and you should get it for at least £17.95 a month
(£17.95 a month * 6 = £107.70)
Elite Singles billing is in a one off payment only and you can use paypal too or purchase through the app.

TOP TIP: Having read the T&Cs, you will need to cancel your subscription 7 day before its due, so take note!
Cancellation is either through your account or in writing (cancellation@elitesingles.co.uk)

What Do You Get For Free

The free features for Elite Singles are listed below and they are quite limited, in comparison to other sites.

You Can:

  • View profiles of matches (no pictures though)
  • Get alerts when someone visits you
  • Like someone
  • Complete your profile and personality profile

You have to pay to:

  • See photos
  • See who visits you
  • Send messages and get alerts when they read them
  • Get 20 wild card matches a day

Elite Singles Sign Up

As mentioned above, Elite Singles ask you quite alot of questions in order to fill out your profile and serve you matches as best as possible on sign up.

After sign up, I was served 12 matches in my first day and then after that it was pretty accurate to suggest between 3-7 new members a day - which didn't feel like that many as I could instantly dismiss at least half of those.
It did make me think a bit longer before dismissing profile though ,which can only be a good thing in my mind.

A good point of Elite Singles was that the matches they did send me were all recently active / online - I contacted a number of people to make sure they weren't fake and Id say most, if not all were real profiles. 

The below statement was grabbed from their site, and its quite refreshing to hear from a dating site that they are actively removing inactive profiles.

"We will facilitate your partner search by only suggesting active users of Elite Singles. Those who have not logged in for a while, or not contacted other members, are excluded from our matchmaking suggestions,"

Elite Singles Features

Wildcard Matches

The Elite Singles 'Wildcard' / 'Have You met'  feature is an additional 20 users that are served up to premium members/ These are on top of the 3-7 that are algorithm matched to you.
These profiles are calculated as being a match but they have missed out due to one of your personal preference,s so you might find that  they contain some good people. 
You have the option to skip or message the match on the spot, once you skip a profile you cant go back, so be careful not to swipe too quick. I did notice that alot of the wildcard searches were quite far from my area,

Matching Score

With each of your matches you can see a score (I thought it was out of 100 but I have seen a few over 100, so Ill update this when I can). The score basically indicates how compatible you are. If you click through it will show you a more in depth look at your match to see their various personality traits so you can see if you like the sound of that person - it can be useful if you know a specific trait that you are looking for in a partner.

Delete / Block

You are free to block and/or delete profiles from within your search.
If you block a profile, they will NOT show up in your searches. This is also recommended so you aren't seeing the same faces over and over. 
If you delete an account, they wont be able to see you and you will never see them either, they are essentially gone!
Both of these actions are reversible, so no drama if you accidentally block someone.

Likes / Smiles / Messages

Once signed up you are free to like or send a smile to your matches. This is free, but you cant see pictures, so its probably a redundant feature for free accounts.
Once you pay you also have the option to send messages too and will be alerted when your messages are read, which is more of a reassuring feature, but then I guess you 100% know when you are being rejected.

Elite Singles App

The Elite Singles App is easy to use and a handy addition to the website. As with all other dating sites, I tend to use the app alot more than the website, so its nice to have both the apple and android app.
The app gives you an instant look at your matches and highlights with a red dot the ones that you haven't seen yet. 

The Apple iOs version of the app has a new feature called 'what if'.
I think this should be implented across their site as it gives users a more open use. You basically login and you can search their whole member base by using filters like location, last active, age etc - its a great feature. 

Elite Singles Free Trial: The 14 Day Refund

Yes, Elite Singles do have a free trial of sorts. You can claim your money back within 14 days of taking out your paid account simply by emailing them on backwithdrawal@elitesingles.co.uk - this has to be done within 14 days, but I would allow a few extra days and it is quite straight forward to get back.
NOTE: If you purchased your membership via their app, then you do not contact Elite Singles, but you need to contact the store which you bought it from (Either Apple Store or Android) 
See this links to herp out
Cancelling Membership Bought via Apple Store
Cancelling Membership Bought via Android Store

Elite Singles Discount Codes

Elite Singles do not offer discount codes or voucher codes to their users. The only thing they do offer is direct offers on their memberships.
Below I have added the most up to date membership offers I have found, please do leave a comment below if you have found an offer I am missing

6 Month Membership for £17.95 a month

New to EliteSingles?
Join Elite Singles and Claim a Free £10 Voucher

Elite Single Vs Match.com

Match.com is the leading dating site in the UK so I think its helpful to compare Elite Singles to Match in order for you to see the differences, Ive added my opinion at the bottom too.
Elite Singles works on a scientific matching model where as Match.com lets you run free and search all of their members. The main differences are lsited below, if you would like more information, read my in depth Match.com review.


  • 6 Months £9.95 per month
  • 4 - 5 Million UK Members (these are accounts, not active users)
  • Has alot of members & profiles
  • Good 'advanced search' options to filter down potential dates
  • Shorter contract lengths / cheaper options
  • Upgrade-able options to enhance your search
  • Really nice app (I liked the 'near you' feature)
  • Less focused on 'long term relationships'
  • Alot more time consuming due to searching through 100's of profiles

Elite Singles

  • 6 Months £23.95 per month
  • 500,000 (guestimation)
  • Saves time by only selecting profiles that match you
  • Less time consuming
  • Clearly defined audience, you know what you are getting
  • App (especially IoS) is nice with nice new features
  • Can feel more restrictive as you cant simply view everyone on the platform
  • More Expensive
  • Alot less profiles
  • Free features are limited

Elite Singles Vs Match.com VERDICT
Depending on the type of online dating service you are looking for then Match.com and Elite singles are pretty different.
Elite Singles is a scientific algorithm based site, much like eHarmony, with fewer users. 
Match.com is a free for all site, more traditional in that you add your profile and you are free to search all profiles on there site. 

If you are set on the algorithm based approach, which will be for those that dont want to spend alot of time manually searching profiles, then I would recommend to try eHarmony. Its cheaper than Elite Singles and has more users.
If you want the manual searching functionality and alot of users, then give match.com a try. 
I'm not saying Elite Singles is a complete waste of time, but online dating is a numbers game and especially if you are new to the scene, I think a site with more users will allow you to meet more people and allow you to fund your type quicker.

How Safe is Elite Singles?

Whenever you use an online dating site, you run the risk of scammers trying to steal something from you, so it is important you are aware of what to look out for when you use online dating. 
As well as their block/delete features, Elite Singles also have a  dedicated email address that you can contact to report and suspicious activity: security@elitesingles.co.uk
Elite Singles do say that they activity delete profiles that are inactive / do not reply to other members, and I can only agree with this due to the high response rate I have experienced using the site.
For security tips, Elite Singles have a dedicated safety page on their site I would encourage you to read too.

Online Dating Association Membership

We ensure every site we work with on Whichdate.co.uk is a full member of the Online Dating Association and thereby have a binding partnership of their Code of Conduct within the online dating industry. We believe this ensures all sites which we use and recommend are, to our knowledge, the best at protecting their users and offer the best service in the industry. 

Contact Elite Singles

Affinitas GmbH
Strasse 41/43

Elite Singles Phone
+1 (646) 760-2453 (international)


Elite Singles Conclusion

MY RECOMMENDATION: If you are new to online dating, I wouldn't go down the Elite Singles route. It will dishearten you due to the low number of users (unless distance isnt a deal breaker for you) 
I would try eHarmony if you are set on the algorithm dating route as they serve you more matches and the price is about the same / lower. 

The Good Stuff:
  • Low number of non active user
  • Handy App
The Bad Stuff:
  • No free features
  • More expensive than most sites
  • Low number of matches served up

Real User Elite Singles Reviews 

Im trying to bring you as many real user reviews for Elite Singles as possible. Have you used Elite Singles or know someone that has? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

NAME: Chris
AGE: 40
BACKGROUND:  Divorced, Single Man

Matches were OK but didn't find anyone worth my time

Read The Full Review

  • Met people on a similar level to me
  • Not too expensive
  • Women werent great matches
  • Not alot of choice

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