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WhichDate eHarmony Review – May 28, 2024

A scientific approach to dating. Less work for you to do as the site finds matches for you. medium / higher priced, very popular and one of the better sites we have used.

WhichDate Score:

WhichDate Score Review: Everything you need to know before signing up

Below we have compiled an in depth look at eHarmony, including its cost, features, our summary and reviews from other users.

BIO: 30 year old Male who lives in the south of England


eHarmony is one of the biggest and most popular online dating sites in the world. It boasts 4.5 million+ UK members (60 million globally) and is designed to match single men and women with the aim of establishing long term relationships. 
eHarmony was founded by Dr Neil Clark Warren, who is a leading clinical psychologist, hence the scientific core of the eHarmony matching algorithm.
Below I have compiled a detailed review of, I have described what I think are their main features compared  to the other leading dating sites in the UK and I have also featured some reviews from others who have used the site to give you as honest a review as possible - enjoy!

The eHarmony Algorithms

eHarmony works by asking members in depth questions about their core values. Using these answers and their match making algorithm (Compatibility Matching System®) eHarmony are able to match potential partners who share or have compatible traits - these algorithms are continually researched and updated via eHarmony's research department, eHarmony Labs. The Algorithm, in simple form, takes into account the users answers from their 29 dimensions of compatibility and rates how compatible each person is. eHarmony can then show you only the most compatible partners and save you time searching hundred of profiles.
If you would like to read more about the eHarmony matching process and algorithm, please read the post I put together here.

eHarmony Prices UK 

eHarmony change their account prices based on a number of different aspects. This can be based on the time of year, how long you have been an active member and any promotions they are running etc.
The below table is a quick glace at the cost of joining eHarmony.

For a more detailed breakdown along with MONEY saving tips see the eHarmony costs page. 

In general, the busier periods of the year will mean you have less options available (new year, valentines day, start of summer etc) and the prices will be slightly higher, keep an eye on the cost page above to find the best time to join eHarmony.

eharmony cost

Price Per Month

Membership Length

Potential Savings

Total Cost


1 Month




6 Months




12 Months




24 Months



You have the option to pay these membership fees as a one sum or in 3 instalments.
eHarmony used to offer different membership types that had different features (these were known as total connect and basic) but since 2016 they have stopped offering these and now all features are under one membership cost.

TOP TIP: Always switch off your account auto renew, if not unchecked you will automatically be signed up when your account ends. You can find out how to cancel auto renew in your billing settings once you log in.

eHarmony Sign Up

Signing up to eHarmony was surprisingly enjoyable. The user interface is very clean and easy to use (see video above) and although the questionnaire is quite long - it took me about 15-20 minutes to complete - the process is easy enough and it feels like the site is really getting to know you, more than other sites I have tried where the sign up is rushed and not very personal.

If you want to see all of the questions that eHarmony ask during their sign up process, I have compiled the full eHarmony questionnaire  for you to take a look at.

In terms of my matches, I liked the fact that I didn't have to search through hundreds of profiles myself, I wasn't inundated with options or profiles and the people put in front of me seem initially like good matches.
After sign up I had 30 matches to look through and on a completely shallow level, 8-10 seemed to be of interest and my type.
After a few days, I was getting around 10 new matches a day to look through, this was on top of the 'What Ifs' matches that I also looked through when I had some time in front of the TV. 

eHarmony Features


ice breakers are just little gestures that show you are interested in a match, this is usually in the form of a 'smiley face' which just acts as a nudge to someone you might be interested in. Sending a message to them is also classed as a icebreaker too.
You will get alerted of these ice breakers via email, you can change this in your settings to stop a constant barrage of emails, if you happen to be lucky enough to receive more than 1.

eHarmony Mail

if you have a paid subscription you are free to email any one of your matches at any time. eHarmony mail is also available at the end of guided communication, once you have gone through the below steps with your match. You can receive messages with unpaid subscriptions, but you will not be able to read them until you pay for a membership.

guided communication - eharmony

Guided Communication

Guided communication is a way to help push you in the right direct and avoid you taking the first step alone, leading with an awkward 'hello, how are you' isn't the best opener to a conversation. Its a 3 step process with the end goal to get you and a match emailing on your own accord.
This is step 1 in guided communication; you get to choose up to 5 predefined questions (known as quick questions) to send to each other. From there, once you have answered them you can update your 'makes or breaks',
Step 2; this makes sure no one is time wasting and weeds out anything that is a 100% no go, you both state a few make or breaks to send to each other.
step 3; you can send 3 open ended questions (digging deeper) so that you can get to know your match a bit more in depth and actually hear what they have to say.
If you are still interested, you move on to open communication, which is essentially an email service whereby you can send anything you want to each other, this will require a full paid membership.

The Two Of You Together

A new feature for 2017 is the addition of 'the two of you together' which is a great addition to their service. Basically any time you are matched with someone you can now see exactly why. By clicking on their profile you will be given the option to see which aspects eHarmony have deemed you both, most compatible. This feature gives you some more insight into why you are matched and might allow you to pick up on someone that has values you are looking for.
The questionnaire is good and I feel like it does a good job, but with this feature, you can manually review a match a bit more and might make up for some rushed answers. 

the 2 of you together - eharmony
what if - eharmony feature

What Ifs

An extra feature I like in eHarmony is this one that allows you to see other matches that otherwise you wouldn't have, they are just outside your match settings but eHarmony think you would like them anyway - it can stop you getting dishearten by seeing the same matches every day.
Once you skip a 'what if' they are gone for good, so its worth spending some time checking them out.There doesn't seem to be a limit on the number of 'what ifs' - I've skipped through quite a few and they keep coming.
Once you get into this habit, its a bit like tinder, so Id advise against spending hours 'swiping away' potential matches.

Free Communication Weekends

eHarmony run free communication weekends once every 6-8 weeks for new members to try out their service. These weekends allow you to go through their 'guided communication' with your matches for free - once you have gone through this you can use their mail service to talk more openly to your matches, although you wont be able to see any of their pictures during the free event.
TIP - some members might try to get you away from the eHarmony platform during these events so they dont have to pay, if this happens, please be careful.
Interested in a free weekend? Read our guide to find out how to make the most of these event and when exactly the next eHarmony free communication weekend is.

eHarmony free weekend UK
For new online daters, I would advise to get out of your comfort zone. Try not to stick to a certain type too much. embrace the difference, at least for the first few weeks to get a feel for other people online - dont be too picky!

What Do You Get For Free?

After completing the eHarmony questionnaire you are taken to a payment page, most people won't sign up there and then, but prefer to take a look around before committing. I thought it would be worth while to list all of the basic features you will get for free, before you submit any payment info. 

  • Complete Your Profile
  • Finish the Questionnaire
  • Send Smileys to Matches
  • Review a Selection of Your Matches (you cant see pictures though)
  • Recieve Ice Breakers
  • Receive Messages

eHarmony App

The eHarmony app is free on Android, Windows and the Apple store, so its definitely worth checking out once you purchase a membership. Its really easy to use and I found myself using it more than the desktop site, I've included a couple of screenshots below. .If you navigate to the 'what if' section, I really love the way you can find out more about the matches just by pressing on the screen, its a great user experience feature. As mentioned above, dont fall into the trap of using the 'what if' section like a tinder profile, its easy to keep swiping NO, especially if you are on your mobile but it can quickly ruin the experience - remember every person you see is paying to be on the service,so they are interested in a relationship. 

eharmony app

eHarmony Customer Service

I didn't have much need to contact their support, but I wanted to test it out so I asked a few questions and even called their support line. Both went smoothly and all the staff I spoke to were helpful. They also seems quite reactive on their social profiles, which is usually a good way to contact big brands.

eHarmony Free Trial: The 14 Day Refund

Ill start by saying there is no such thing as an eHarmony free trial - I'm trying to convince them to give me one to publish here, but as of 2017, I can't get one. 
eHarmony do offer a 14 day refund policy. If you want to cancel before 14 days you should call 0800 028 0308 and explain your reasons. If you are over the 14 day period you can no longer cancel and all future payments will still be taken out (for example, if you pay in 3 instalments, then all 3 will still be taken from your account)
For more details on how to cancel or fully delete your profile, read our eHarmony FAQ section or to get the low down on the 14 day eHarmony free trial we have a tonne more info on the blog.

eHarmony Promo Codes

I try as hard as I can to publish the most up to date discounts and offers for eHarmony. Dating can be expensive, so keeping the cost down wherever possible is a big deal for most users. If you happen to find a new voucher or for a full list of codes and offer, please add it to the eHarmony promo code page so others can save a few quid before signing up - thanks guys!

3 Months eHarmony for £9.95 per month using code LOCALUK

Join eHarmony for £9.95 per month using code PROMOLOVEEH

New To eHarmony?
Claim a free £10 voucher when you sign up to a paid account.
*will not work with other discounts or offers

eHarmony vs

eHarmony and are the 2 most popular dating sites in the UK and both are a great choice for the new online dater, in fact for most people I recommend joining either Match or eHarmony if you are new to online dating. Below is a quick comparison between the 2 online dating sites, for a full review, please see the article which is the most in depth I have found and will walk you through the various features of so you can make a better judgement call as to which to sign up to.


  • 6 Months £9.99 a Month
  • 4 - 5 Million UK Members (these are accounts, not active users)
  • Alot of Active Members & Profiles
  • Good 'Advanced Search' Options to Filter Potential Dates
  • Shorter Contract Lengths / Cheaper Options
  • Upgrade-able Options to Enhance Your Search
  • 'Near You' Feature on the App is Good
  • Less Focused on 'Long Term Relationships'
  • More Time Consuming Due to Searching Through Profiles


  • 6 Months £19.95 per Month
  • 4.1 Million UK Members (these are accounts, not active users)
  • Does the Hard Work for You - Weeds Out alot of Mis-Matches
  • Feels More 'Premium'
  • Less Time Consuming
  • Aimed at People Looking for Marriage
  • Free Communication Weekends Provide Nice intro to the Site
  • Can Feel More Restrictive as You Cant Simply View Everyone on the Platform
  • More Expensive

Both sites have a large number of users and both would suit people that are new to online dating.
Whilst takes more time due to the fact that its down to you to search for profiles, they will naturally have more profiles for you to look through which means more potential dates. eHarmony takes some of the leg work out of the process. for you, so I would say time is a major factor when choosing which platform to use.

Both are paid for services, with the better option for the price conscious as they do have more contract options available year round - most online dating sites advise a 6-9 months as the ideal length of time.
Personally, I preferred the hand picked feel of eHarmony. I don't tend to enjoy alot of screen time (even though this review has taken me ages) so not having to manually search for alot of matches suited me better, but as you will read across the site, there are others who feel differently and those whom have received very few matches via eHarmony.

How Safe is eHarmony?

eHarmony, like every other online dating site can be a vulnerable place if you do not take a few minutes to read through some dating safety guides. Free membership sites tend to be more prominent for scammers, but that shouldn't deter you from understanding when something doesn't feel right. eHarmony have various block and delete features built into their site, so this 100% helps with an potential fraudulent activity that might happen on their platform.
eHarmony have an email address where you can direct any potential suspect activity - - and there is also a dedicated section of their site which outlines the best practices to help stay safe whilst using their service - eHarmony Staying Safe - which we would recommend to read if you are new to online dating.

Online Dating Association Membership

eharmony are approved by the Online Dating Association

Contact eHarmony

eHarmony Address:
6-10 Great Portland Street London

eHarmony Phone:
0800 028 0308

eHarmony Conclusion

Overall, my time on eHarmony has resulted in a number of dates with some very lovely ladies and I'm sure I will have some more.
In terms of the overall use of the site, it is definitely in my top 3 and one I would recommend if you are going down the paid route. I continue to get a good number of matches (3 months on)  but this might be dependant on location (I am based in the south of England) so please check our below real user reviews to see what everyone else is saying.
The feel of the site is more 'premium' than other cheaper and free dating sites I've used, added with the price this seems to attract a slightly more affluent demograph than other sites, which also aligns with the demographic information that eHarmony has provided me with. 
The site is marketed as a 'long term' relationship site and they do talk about marriage alot and certainly the people I have spoken to and met with are looking for long term/marriage which can be overwhelming to some people. 

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Because of the huge number of users, there will obviously be a broad strokes approach to the site, but for my situation I can recommend the site. If you are 28+, looking for a long term relationship, based in or around a main city, professional worker who has some disposable income then I would say eHarmony is a great place to meet a long term partner.
If you are 100% new to online dating, then test out one of their free communication weekends to test the waters and to see if it is for you. 

WhichDate Score
The Good Stuff:
  • Saves time by serving you only relevant matches
  • Middle of the road pricing
  • Easy to use, clean app and desktop service
  • Regular codes available
The Bad Stuff:
  • Fairly long Questionnaire
  • Matches could become stagnant in rural locations
  • Shorter contracts aren't always available

Real User eHarmony Reviews 

Below we have gathered honest reviews from users who have used eHarmony.
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Overall Rating


  1. Neil says:
    Location:South England



    New Year Started Well.... First time I've used a dating site and so far it's pretty much lived up to expectations, especially in these weird times. I haven't met up with anyone yet (are we even allowed to??) but have been chatting to a couple of seemingly normal humans, who I hope to meet with soon. Im not blown away with the number of women in my area but we'll see how it goes...
  2. Ben says:



    The £65 con! MUST READ FIRST!! PLEASE READ BEFORE CONSIDERING EHARMONY!!!! I welcome any response from eharmony if they dispute anything written below. I have signed up with eharmony on few occasions over the years with mixed results. Having recently come out of a relationship I thought I might sign up again as a way to move on. So I signed up having read through the Terms & Conditions (T&C's) carefully. I made note of this clause as part of the 14 day cooling off period; "However, please note that if you have started to use the Premium Membership within the 14- day cancellation period, we will be entitled to retain from the refunded payment a reasonable amount (value compensation) to account for that portion of the Premium Membership that you have already received." I believed, wrongly that after having used the website for only 8 days, out of 6 months, for which I paid just under £120 that this "reasonable amount" might be just that. It turns out that hidden within their subscription there is a Personality Report that they arbitrarily value at £130. Note that this is actually more than the cost of my (admittedly discounted) 6 month subscription and not openly acknowledged in their T&Cs. They deem a reasonable amount to be %50 of the cost of this report and NOT the cost of your subscription. So, on cancelling my subscription within the cooling off period (8 days out of 14 in my case), simply because I wasn't ready to get back in to dating quite yet I was charged £65! More than half the cost of the subscription itself. THAT'S RIGHT £65! Did they give me 3 months grace on the site, maybe 2 months, a month? No. My account was suspended with immediate effect. I contacted customer services to question this and they ignored my pleas. I suggested that instead they reinstate my account so that I might mitigate my loss but even this was turned down. They have basically taken £65 for 8 days access to the website. I don't even have access to a Personality Profile that I have been charged for. This is a complete con. BE CAREFUL! Also, there are better, more reasonably priced dating websites that will not charge you this ridiculous hidden cost. I recommend that you avoid this website like the plague and sign up to
  3. NP says:



    Ripoff Please read my review before signing up to eharmony. When I signed up to eharmony, I thought I had 14 days to cancel. After signing up, I looked at the profiles they said I matched with and I decided I no longer wanted to subscribe as there were not many profiles which matched what I was looking for. I used the site for less than one hour and when I cancelled less than one hour of signing up, they charged me £65. They said this was for a personality report they had emailed to me. I have sent several emails to them asking for a refund and they are refusing to refund me due to a clause in there terms and conditions where they say if you cancel, they will charge ‘a reasonable amount’ for services used. Please be aware that there are many profiles on there which have not been used for a while and there does not seem to be many active users. If like me your thinking of signing up to eharmony to check it out based on the fact you have a 14 day cancellation period, please be aware once you cancel, they will charge you £65 and then also stop you from using the site.
  4. Richie Green says:



    Total waste of time and money As with a lot of reviews, I cancelled within the 14 day period and was still charged £65 because I took the personality test, there were very limited women to choose from and it appears most had not been on the site in months, very few with pictures or a profile, hence why I cancelled, I would definitely give it a miss, there are much better sites out there. I only gave it one star because you have to so the review can be posted
  5. Patty dip says:



    A proper scam PLEASE DON'T PAY A PENNY! I registered and paid for the 6 months membership because there isn't less than that. All the matches they have shown me where miles away and weren't online for a long time. I decided it wasn't for me so asked for a refund! I paid £80 and they refund me £18 only. Saying that they made a personality test and that costs £65!!! I am talking to few places to hold legal charges now.
  6. Aneta says:



    Please don’t sign up to eHarmony Premium Membership - it’s a con Please stay far away from eHarmony; it’s a total waste of money; they con you. You pay for premium membership and if you cancel within 14 days they keep £65 because they give you a personality test and I’ve never signed up for a personality test; they have it on the terms and conditions because they know people won’t read it; there isn’t a checkbox they just keep your money. It’s a TOTAL scam!!!! No one uses the site and I can understand why, please use your time and money wisely - steer away from eHarmony. Worse experience ever
  7. Sil says:



    Horrible date website 0 star Hi. This dating website is horrible . I sign up and after 4 days decided to unsubscribe. They want me to charge £52 pounds I blocked the payment but they still trying to charge me . I payed £12 when I signed up and costumers have 14 days to change their minds . I send 3 email and never heard hack from them. The contact number is from America so it's really hard to talk eith them. They cancel my account but still want to charge £52 0 start
  8. Pauline Pearson says:



    Disappointed I am currently on eHarmony and am not particularly impressed. I have met a couple of guys who were nice but wet weren't comparable. Most of the male profiles don't have a picture and very sketchy profile. I sent a message to a guy and received a gobbledygook reply. I replied and received a long in incoherent message. I replied " are you a bot" and next minute I received an email from eHarmony saying they had removed his profile. I will persevere but not expecting much.
  9. Lee says:



    Eharmony unethical theives There is nothing trustworthy about eharmony, it is very difficult to cancel your subscription, I finally emailed them to cancel my subscription within the 14 days and they took a huge amount of money from my bank account and called it compensation, they are a dirty buisness, steer clear
  10. Fiona says:
    Location:South Yorkshire



    Bad experiance, at a hig cost £! Please do not waste your time, effort and money! I think that loneliness has impacted most people, in some way or another, especially this year. But I decided to join a dating site, and someone suggested eHarmony. I joined, and I had a flurry of messages. Some weird (had to block), some (I think) from genuine fellas, but not the type of fella that I felt I would have a connection with (even though the eHarmony personality match was high), or indeed found attractive. Also, the majority of matches were over 100km away! The whole experience was completely deflating and I decided to cancel my subscription, as I was within the 14 day cancellation period. They charged me £65, for less than 10 days usage of the site. Not only was their personality match a complete joke, they said that the personality report was worth £130... But they would only charge me £50 for it, plus one month's subscription fee. Which is absolutely disgusting. I wish I had read the reviews prior to joining, and I suspect that many others will fall foul. eHarmony's business model, must be based around how much money they can charge, rather than providing a quality service.
  11. cat says:



    Stay away from this scam company DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCAM COMPANY !! I read a couple of good reviews and decided to join EHARMONY. Due to extremely misleading wording by this company, I accidently clicked on a full years subscription instead of a monthly one. I wrote to EHARMONY straight away and explained that I wanted to pay monthly and not for a full year. They had already taken £208 from my account and I spent the next two days writing lots of emails to them explaining that I was only living on a pension and couldn't afford a full years amount, but they said a membership could not be changed once taken out and that I had chosen to take out a full year ! They showed extremely poor customer care and had no understanding towards me whatsoever and kept quoting their terms and conditions over and over . The only option I had was to cancel my membership, but even although I did this within 36 hours they said there would be a cancellation fee of £65. I challenged this with EHARMONY and PAYPAL who my payment went through, but was told they were within their rights. So BEWARE FOLKS, even if you cancel your subscription within the lawful time limit EHARMONY will still charge you this fee. I was left disgusted and upset by the whole experience. I am elderly and live alone and it has left me extremely weary of dating sites. I'VE PAID £65 THROUGH PAYPAL FOR 36 HOURS MEMBERSHIP. EHARMONY ARE A RUTHLESS COMPANY WHO ARE WILL DO ANYTHING TO ROB YOU OF YOUR MONEY. I OPENED A DISPUTE WITH PAYPAL BUT SADLY THEY WERE UNABLE TO HELP !!
  12. Jane says:



    Bad customer service Don't bother with eharmony their customer service is terrible. Cut throat don't give them a penny.
  13. Paul Nicholson says:



    Lousy This site is EXTREMELY limited. For "premium members" there is a 200 km maximum distance, and you can't look at any members other than the matches they send you. For me - after 3 weeks - there has been 16, but only 8 with photos, and only 2 within 150 kms. How anyone can rate this site with 4 or 5 stars is ridiculous.
  14. Ann says:



    complete con e-Harmony is extremely expensive and clearly only after your money. When I signed up (stupidly for 6 months) I received many icebreakers for 14 days, none of which were really suitable, despite my preferences. After the 14 day cooling off period I coincidentally received absolutely none - and also no further visitors to my profile. I really wish I had never joined as this is a complete waste of money and definitely not for finding someone.
  15. Jon says:



    Not even worth one star Really poor experience, worse than poor. Lots of inactive profiles (App shows who is online or has been recently). They advertise you get daily matches - this is blatantly not true, you will go over a week at times without any matches. You'll send lots of messages only to get virtually no replies. If you want only to write messages and wait endlessly for replies that never arrive then this is the site for you. They suggest blocking matches after two weeks if you see no response to messages - I had matches for many months and never got any replies to my very polite messages. I have been a paying member for over 12 months and have wasted time and money (very expensive for what it is - useless site). They do not match on basic compatibility, many matches were incompatible from the start. When you raise your concerns, you get stock answers including blaming you for not completing your profile in full - I have lost count of how many times they had to apologise because they clearly had not even looked at my profile to see that it was very comprehensive, much more complete than the vast majority you will receive (many only have one or two lines of detail). Also, raising concerns about how many software issues I had suffered has resulted in a promise to review my account but they cannot do this at present because their engineering team are busy with other things and customer service has to take second place to their profit making concerns. I have had matches from several months previously reappear in my account, I also had five consecutive emails telling me I have matches only to find that they are not in my account (had to reset my account more than once to correct this), the App tells me I have had a message from someone who has not been active since I received her details (no message can be found), I had a match who stated in her profile that she was not a member any more (not for two years), another match who had moved months before and was now at the other end of the country (eHarmony vet each profile to check them - why did they not delete these matches??). Don't bother with this company, they are very rude and they shrug off your concerns as not important. Their software is very dodgy and they just do not care about their customers. An exceptionally disappointing and, yes, distressing experience. I believe that they just do not have the active members they claim. The App has an indicator against each profile and, believe me, most have shown no indicator from the start so most are clearly inactive members just there to swell the numbers.
  16. Pat Kennedy says:



    Poor Matches I signed up for 6 months on E Harmony and it took a lot of time completing all their questionnaires but I had hoped that this would prove fruitful. How wrong was I....I met just one person in 6 months and although he was nice was not for me. I had very few views even though I updated my profile regularly to try and improve things. A lot of the matches I was sent looked like the well educated professor type - so not me. I did message people and kept it light but rarely received a response. Having now tried other sites can honestly say this was the worst of the lot and expensive - so think carefully before paying them your hard earned money as this site becomes very depressing very quickly. Match with all its fake profiles to navigate is a much better option....
  17. LJ says:



    dissappointing Been a member of eHarmony for 11 months. Extremely poor experience. They do not match on fundamental issues so have had to do a lot of the selection myself. Spent a lot of time sending messages only to find that the majority of the matches I have been given are clearly not current / active members (i.e. old profiles). The app on Android has an indicator as to whether the match is active and the lack of views of my profile by the vast majority of matches has shown how disappointing the experience has been. I have completed their relationship questionnaire 3 times but no difference. I did meet 2 ladies months ago but they were totally incompatible. Note to anyone reading this - PLEASE post current photos, it puts one on the back foot to start with to find the person you are meeting does not look like their profile photo. In summary, eHarmony is a very disappointing experience. They advertise daily matches but this is not true. They struggle with membership, hence the offers they keep advertising. They do know they have problems and that my concerns are real - got a 3 month extension but do not hold out much hope of success. Having sent over 100 messages and getting few replies, I cannot recommend eHarmony to anyone. I cannot emphasise too much how dispiriting it is to put so much effort into messaging matches (always polite and respectful) and getting no evidence of activity in return, let alone replies.
  18. Michael says:



    eharmony someone special So far no dating stands out like eharmony It is quite easy to use and it involves real people who are looking For real love I do think that it is a dating site I would describe eharmony as an opportunity To find true love and happiness and to share lour life with someone special
  19. Emma says:



    thank you eHarmony I had tried a few other free dating sites and apps, but their whole focus on relationships forced me to at least give it a try. I signed up for the 6 month plan and within 6 weeks I had found a great guy. We are now 8 months into a relationship and I feel in a really good place, which wouldn't have happened without eHarmony, so thank you so much!