"There are far, far better things ahead,
Than any we leave behind"


Helping You End Your Singleton-ness

I'm a dating buff with 10 years experience of awkward stories from the trenches of online dating

Imagine if online dating was easy, you had the tools to find the perfect partner. Imagine your favorite love scene with you as the main character.....I'm thinking full on Dirty Dancing moves.

When you imagined your life, you had thoughts of romance and passion, sharing cocktails on a beach, dancing in the rain, curled up with your other half next to an open fire,

DEFINITELY NOT sat in front of a screen for hours upon end hopelessly searching for someone to accept a wink. You cringe every time you send another message or want to hide from the world at the thought of joining another online dating site, I've been there too and I want to help

Online Dating Can Be Hard Work

With nearly 10 years experience in the trenches of online dating, my purpose is to make sure that you don't have to go through what I did.

By bringing together as many real people as I can to share their experiences I will help you find the person who makes you crazy smile, who brings out your uncontrollable dancer, who makes you do embarrassing nose snort laughs 

"I want to help you find love"

Im so glad I bit the bullet and joined, hands down the best decision I made

John31, Manchester

Having been a singleton and struggled to find anyone who remotely interested (or was remotely interested) in me I had lost all faith in finding 'the one'. Days moping around turned to weeks, weeks turned to months - you get the picture.

I knew the problem and vaguely how to fix it, but I couldn't find someone, anyone to share my life or experiences with.

....taking the jump

When I decided to jump back on the wagon and finally put my face out there again, I still remember how bombarded I felt with all the different dating sites, events, tips, tricks, apps, agencies, meet ups AARGHH

I didn't know what to do first or where to start so I ended up forest gumping my way through pretty much everything I could find - there is a saying about 'too much choice is a bad thing ' (aka The Paradox of Choice) well that is pretty much what I experienced.

Sharing my 10 years of experience

Skip forward nearly 10 years, I am amazingly, very happily married and settled and I couldn't be more over the moon and grateful.
BUT it took me much longer than it should have. 

So with my journey in my hand I have set about with the lofty goal of bringing together daters from across the UK to share their experiences, their highs, their lows, their stories and most importantly their recommendations so that finding the one doesn't have to take a decade of searching.

about me
This is me and my beautiful partner - sorry to make you crazy jealous, but I wanted you to know that online dating can & does work! 

Experience alone is all well and good, but to bring you the best advice possible I have spoken to a number of relationship experts & dating bods and distilled a tonne of information into a free e-book for people that are new to online dating.

Aptly titled 'The Beginners Guide to Online Dating' it has everything a person will need to know about online dating. I have also started to add our first reviews, you can check them out on our review page.

If you want to follow my journey towards building the UKs biggest online dating resource, at the same time as getting some top tips to help you find 'the one' faster, then add your email below and Ill send updates every now and then when I have something worthwhile to email you about 

In the coming weeks and months I'll be adding more to the site, I have some big aims. In the meantime, read the content we have and if you have used an online dating site, agency, app or just have a dating story to tell, please contact me.

Thanks for reading, good luck! Darren